Shabang Silk Ocean.jpg
silk_ocean_the_siren Kyle going in.jpg
silk_ocean_the_siren Hakeem singing.jpg
silk_ocean_the_siren David Escamilla.jpg
silk_ocean_the_siren Brian getting it in
silk_ocean_the_siren Drake feeling it.jp
silk_ocean_the_siren Eli Grinberg.jpg
Image by Sam Balye


Founded by Hakeem Sanusi (vocals), Drake Freeman (guitar), and Kyle Nixon (sax) in 2018, Silk Ocean has been making waves on the central coast music scene ever since. With the introduction of Brian Mendez (tenor sax), David Escamilla (bass), Ben Kerr (trumpet) and Eli Grinberg (drums), Silk Ocean rounded out the current roster in 2020.  

This 7 piece band-of-brothers draws inspiration from modern hip hop, rock, and classic funk​, seamlessly blending the old and new to facilitate a fresh listening experience.



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